The ICO application: How it works

Want to know more about the GET-protocol and GUTS Tickets? In this two-page document all crucial elements needed to put a value on this proposition are summarized.


  • Gas price 100 Gwei
  • Gas limit 250 000
  • Don't use an exchange wallet (use Metamask or myetherwallet when in doubt)

This round/tiered structure is implemented to improve upon the 'post a contract address and see what happens'-ICO mentality of blockchain projects funded in the recent past. We like to showcase our tech to our contributors and this is our way of dong just that! Just like the events we ticket for at the moment we like it when our application/UX ensures a controlled and smooth experience for both the organizer(that would be ourselves) and the participants. So make sure you are registered and GET in line!

General sale duration

The GET-protocol ICO will last for a full month (until 14 December 13:00 CET). We are aiming(with help of the app) to have the sale run for this whole period. More reasoning behind this decision can be found in this blog post. In the end it comes down to GUTS wanting to give everybody the possibility to participate in our rock-solid proposition! As we want a healthy and broad base of GET holder with informed investors we are not aiming for the quick pump and dump ICO hypetrain angle. Steady as she goes!

Exchange listing

It is expected that the GET will become movable 20 days after the public sale has been finalized. News about exchange listing will be provided in due time, so please be patient!

About the caps per tier

To ensure that no whale will bite away at one of the lower tiers and ruin the party for everybody we have are working with rounds per tier. This means that based upon all registrations we have received on the ICO application, we will dynamically serve and notify registered contributors in the queue in such a way and pace that everybody will have an equal opportunity!

General sale caps per round

Tier 1 price: 0.001524832994 ETH/GET | Max of 750 ETH per round.
Tier 2 price: 0.001597444089 ETH/GET | Max of 1000 ETH per round.
Tier 3 price: 0.001706360732 ETH/GET | Max of 1250 ETH per round.
Tier 4 price: 0.001778971827 ETH/GET | Max of 1500 ETH per round.

Make sure you are correctly registered in the ICO application, if the address you have provided to the application is unknown, don't panic! Resubmit your registration under your the 'new' contribution address. Fill in the form with your details and the ICO application will do all the rest. You'll be notified by email or SMS when you're up to contribute!

Do not worry about losing your spot in line or being too late to participate in a certain tier of the GET-protocol ICO. The whole point of the ICO application we have built is that it will give everybody a fair opportunity to actually GET into the ICO! The idea of providing everybody (regardless of contribution/wealth level) an equal opportunity to participate/attend for a certain event is the basically whole idea behind GUTS in the first place.

Step 0. Go to (follow this link)

When you want to join the ICO applications dynamic queue click ‘JOIN CROWDSALE'. Clicking on this button will take you to the next step.

Go to this link: and click on the 'JOIN CROWDSALE' button. This link and application will be made available from 13:00 CET on our main website and ICO website!

Step 1. Tell us your contribution address.

In this step you'll have to provide the ICO application with the contribution address you submitted during your registration. This exact address is the unique identifier on your place in the queue, make sure the address you provided us during the registering application is identical.

Have a different address? Or filled in the wrong address at the time(like an exhange address)? No need to be alarmed, the ICO application is completely dynamic and will process the new address application immediately. Scroll down to Step 1-B and read about what you'll have to do next!

No way to skip in line!

Submitting a contribution to the address that is provided before it is actually your turn to contribute in the queue is completely useless, as the GET crowdsale contract won't recognize the destination address if it is not your spot in line yet!

Step 1-B. Seems your address it not known to us…

If you see this screen apparently the ethereum address you've provided us is still unknown to the application. This can be due to that the fact that you are not yet registered (or registered under a different address). If that is the case, no worries! Fill in the form that is shown on the screen in front of you, when completed you'll be added to the queue of our general sale.

If you are certain of the fact that you have submitted a request before make sure you entered the contribution address at step 0 correctly…

Step 2. Congratulations you are in line for the ICO!

Relax and sit tight. The application will notify you when it's your time to shine!
You're in line! We’ll communicate the ICO contribution address to you soon!

If you see the screen displayed above this means you are in line for the GET-protocol ICO, whoohoo. There will be a spot-number showing your place in line and a time indication (this is an estimate) showing when you will probably be able to contribution. It is possible to exit the page at this point, your own wallet address can be used to check back in on the status of the queue! You are almost there!

Take note: the page will refresh itself, so no need to refresh it yourself!

Tell the world the GET-protocol is coming!

On November the 15th GUTS Tickets will be raising its general crowd sale, to raise both funds as support we are aiming to enlarging our base of supporters! To create an incentive to our contributors to ensure we gain more supporters we have added a referral program to our ICO. If you convince other contributors to participate in our general sale you will receive a 2% of their contribution in GET as bonus! The contributor filling in your referral code will receive a bonus of 1% after the ICO has been finalized. A separate post about how the referral program works can be found here.

Step 3. You are up to contribute!

This is the screen you’ll see when you are able to contribute to our ICO. Make sure you have all your info needed for the contribution correct! Double check everything!

Congratulations! It's your turn in line to contribute to our ICO. If you see this screen your contribution address is registered in the ICO application. All information you need can be found on the screen, but let me highlight several very important facts!

Please note:

  • The contribution address (on the spot you see 0x0x0x0x0x.. in the screencap below) — This is the address you'll have to send your contribution to, make sure you copy it correctly!
  • The Gas limit of your transaction should be set to 250 000 Gas (this is important).
  • Gas price at 100 gwei in case you will be asked to set it. Check this blogpost about how this works with your wallet.
  • Each round will have a certain cap associated with it, make sure your contribution doesn't exceed this cap.

DO NOT SEND YOUR CONTRIBUTION FROM AN EXCHANGE. Check this blogpost about how to create a wallet using MyEtherWallet!

Don’t use exchanges. Considered an exchange: Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex,, Bitfinex, Exodus, Jaxx,, Coinomy and many many more! Make sure you control your private key. Sending a contribution from exchanges can result in loss of funds!

You are all done! There will be no confirmation shown on this screen that the ether is received! You can of course check if your contribution was successful on Etherscan.

Too late? Probably not!

Are or will you be unavailable when the general sale is live? No worries! The ICO application will ensure all contributions will come in slowly and controlled, giving everybody registered (as well as contributors that just registered) the chance to participate!

There is of course the possibility that we are actually sold out, but with the variables set as we have them now we are certain everybody will have a reasonable change to participate in this sale!

Adding the GET-token to your wallet

Before you can see the GET in your Ethereum wallet you'll have to add the GET as a token to your Ethereum wallet.You can do this by finding a field where you can add a Custom token and enter the following details.

Token address: 0x8a854288a5976036A725879164Ca3e91d30c6A1B

Ticket symbol: GET

Decimals: 18

More about the GET-protocol ICO

If you want know more about the GET Initial Coin Offering, read our white paper, visit the ICO website, sign up for our Rocket Chat, Telegram or get yourself a smart event ticket in our sandbox environment.



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